A Big Surprise For All The Readers: Himanshu Rai Soon To Launch His Next Book

A Big Surprise For All The Readers: Himanshu Rai Soon To Launch His Next Book


Bestselling author Himanshu Rai soon to launch his next big Romance title I am Always Here with You with Srishti Publishers Srishti Publishers & Distributors, one of India’s leading publishing houses for mass-market paperback fiction, has announced the acquisition rights of bestselling author Himanshu Rais forthcoming book called I am Always Here with You. His first book titled My Mute Girlfriend had not just started off impressively in the pre-orders itself, it had also gone on to grab top bestselling positions on all online and offline stores soon after release.

While broadening Srishti’s hugely successful portfolio in the contemporary romance category, this collaboration is to mark a trend of a romance story with a difference this time. A Valentines Day release in 2018, Himanshu Rais debut romance titled My Mute Girlfriend also got listed among 25 best romance reads of 2018. The list of good reviews, praise and appreciation was endless, as the story was quite different and woven with love, also trendsetting in a way.

Himanshu’s way of writing is so visually rich that it is more like watching a story. Not just heart-warming, his stories are also different than the usual. We are delighted to be associated with Himanshu for his next venture and are sure it will charm the readers just as much,” said Arup Bose, Publisher, Srishti Publishers.

Himanshu’s book is most popular with the young in age and young at heart, as it explores the various shades of love. On his association with Srishti Publishers for the second time, Himanshu said, “I am delighted to work on my next books with Srishti. Being a romance title, no one can give it a better platform than them. I am thankful and obliged to be part of their team. The title of the upcoming book I am Always Here with You is already trending and much loved.


Book Review: Voice Of The Soul

In the hustle and bustle of life, we usually do not get sufficient time to think about ourselves and understand what we desire at that moment. Several emotions rein through our minds but we reveal them in a wrong way and the major reason behind this is that we are not able to connect with ourselves. Now you must be wondering what I am talking about? You will understand it well after reading this book but let me just brief everyone about the content of this book. It comprises of very beautifully crafted poems that shows the different shades of emotions that every human deal with in his or her daily lives. ‘Voice Of The Soul’ by Shreyans Kanswa will reveal the real power of a human soul in mending the broken wounds of life and inspiring oneself for all the obstacles. There are many people that enter our lives but in the end, it is only our soul that stays by our side when we are almost alone.

Now, talking about the book, it was wonderfully penned down by the author. Each and every poem touches our heart and makes the reader connect with his or her soul. After reading this book I am sure most of you will start taking out time for oneself and will respect the emotions of the human soul. The lines in all the poems were kind of motivating as well as touching so mixed emotions will rein throughout the read. Overall, it was a short and beautiful read.

Book Review: Sniper’s Eye

After such a long duration, I finally got to read a book that is related to the fear of terror and includes huge amount of action and suspense. Undoubtedly, Sniper’s Eye is one such thrilling book that will surely keep the reader’s hooked up till the end. After the reading, the blurb one can easily predict that the lead character in this story has a very dark past and his life was all about terrorism. Despite guessing the past a reader will definitely read the book to satisfy his intuitions about the character’s past.

Terrorism is something that is striking in our country every now and then. People may consider them as villains but all terrorists are not the same. There are a few people who enter this field and yet play the role of a hero in common people’s lives. I’m sure there is no need to brief about the story as it is very much predictable from the blurb. Yet, being so predictable, it will offer several twists and turns throughout and will give rise to the goosebumps. It is a very thrilling roller coaster ride that keeps the reader stuck to the seat till the curiosity of suspense does not vanish.

Now, coming back to the book, I am glad that I read this as I was very much thrilled from the start to the end. It has something new to offer to the readers and if you are a crime thriller lover then you will definitely love this book. It has been narrated in the most professional manner to ensure that the reader connects well with the plot. Even if you’ll try to find a flaw in this book it will be a difficult task as I found it to be a perfect read.

Book Review: Because I Love You

I am not much fond of reading love stories as I find the same storyline in most the novels that I read. Somehow, I decided to give romantic genre a second chance and so I picked up this novel as the blurb was just so attractive. If the blurb was written so beautifully then I was sure the novel would be great as well and I was right. After reading this book I realized that not every romantic novel is the same. With an entirely different concept this is sure to bring tears in the readers’s eyes. Okay, now talking about the story, it revolved around two love birds- Radha and Kanaji. They both were a perfect couple and there was not even a single negative aspect in their bond. The only hurdle in their lives was Radha’s past. Guys, past is something that always tries to interrupt us while we are leading a jovial life. Radha was dealing with the same situation. She was happy with everything in her life but couldn’t hide her secret anymore. What is her secret? Will the two be together in future? Will Radha ever reveal her secret to Kanaji? I am not revealing the entire story otherwise it will ruin the suspense. Talking about the book, it was an all-time thriller with emotions reining from the first chapter till the last page of the novel. This novel will make you fall in love with the characters, plot, cover and everything present in the book. The title could have been different as there is nothing unique in it. Rest aspect of the book- story, presentation, narration, cover, blurb, characterization, etc, was just flawless. I would like to recommend this book to all those who love romantic novels.

Book Review:We Can, We Will, We Must

How many of you believe in true love and destiny? Even if you do not believe in destiny, this book will make you trust it and discover what a person goes through when he or she is in love. This romantic thriller by Saranya Umakanthan describes love in the most beautiful way.

Emotions rein throughout the book that ultimately enhances a connectivity with the characters and makes you sympathize with Samaira. This book sets a strong example for women to become independent and do not lose their hope of having the prince charming of their life. Samaira got married at a very young age and was tortured endlessly by her in-laws that would seriously build up anger in the readers’ minds for such cruelty at the parts of the in-laws. She somehow manages to step out of that hell and is ready to gain back the love of her parents when she discovers that they are no more in this world. Isolated, she motivates herself into crushing her past and just moving on. By and by, she steps into the world of hard work and joins the company of a famous businessman Vivian. Her dark past makes him feel sorry for her and he falls for her. He promises to bring back love in her life again.

Now I won’t reveal the remaining part of the story. The book was narrated in a very organized, smooth and presentable manner that would just bring tears out of your eyes by the time you’ll reach the end. This is something I’m sure nobody would like to miss reading. The dialogues written in the book are just so natural. It is strongly accompanied by quotes at all stages. The author has put in a lot of efforts and that is clearly visible in the book. Friends, just give this book a try as it is definitely worth your precious time.

Cover Reveal: Satyayoddha Kalki

Cover Reveal: Satyayoddha Kalki


After a defeat at the hands of Lord Kali, Kalki Hari must journey towards the Mahendragiri mountains with his companions to finally become the avatar he is destined to be.
But the road ahead is not without peril . . .
Not only is he trapped by the cannibalistic armies of the Pisach, he is also embroiled in the civil war of the Vanars. And in midst of all this, he meets a face from the legends.
Meanwhile, Manasa, the sister of the late Vasuki, plots to overthrow Lord Kali by bringing a massive war to his kingdom. But Naagpuri, her homeland, has been infiltrated by their sworn enemy, the Suparns. Not only does she need to protect her kingdom from the Suparns, she must also protect her close ones from the league of conspirators at her own home. Who can she really trust? And will she be able to put an end to Lord Kali’s rule?
As the plot thickens and Lord Kali sees his ambition crushed right before his eyes, he comes to know about his race and its history that threatens to destroy the very fabric of this world’s reality.
Kalyug has begun.
Can Kalki become the avatar in time before it finally unfolds?
Will Manasa fight through the internal politics to bring an invasion against Lord Kali?
Can the secret that changes everything change Lord Kali as a person too?

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2R6rpQH


Book Review: A New Dawn

Book Review: A New Dawn

All of us must have come across several love stories related to family issues. This book has the same thing but the only element that makes it different from other books is the emotional appeal it offers to the readers. After reading this book it will be hard for someone to control his or her tears to flow from the eyes. Let me first brief you about the plot. It was a simple childhood love story between Sharavan and Mugdha. They both had different backgrounds- one was poor and the other was rich. Still, they love each other deeply despite the differences. Since their background comes in between, obviously there were several hurdles waiting for them. Will they be able to cross the hurdles and unite?

The plot may be predictive but it has been highlighted in a very addictive way. The title and cover match the theme of the book and reflect that it is a romantic thriller. The language and tone of the book are simple and engaging. The plot was good but it could have been more interesting if there were more twists in the story. The presentation style was perfect. Overall, it was a simple yet addictive read.

My Rating: 4/5