“Cocooned in my world

Away from the chaos;

I got used to the stillness-“

‘The Soul Charmer’ by Richa Saxena is an amalgamated combination of romance, motivation and emotions. It is one of the best literary works of Richa Saxena. “The Soul Charmer is a dreamer, a knitter and plays with words like fire.” This book showers the droplets of intense love and sentiments that has an immense connected to a human being’s life. The book clearly depicts that the author has let her heart out while penning down this book.

The book consists of 34 poems:

  1. Unfulfilled Dreams
  2. She is the Girl
  3. The Sinful Night
  4. The Caged Bird
  5. To The Girl In Love
  6. I Am Alright
  7. A Beautiful Day
  8. Love Me Like Never Before
  9. Scars
  10. Voice
  11. The Final Goodbye
  12. The Lifeless Life
  13. Tonight, I See You
  14. Seasons Of Love
  15. The Spell Of Your Love
  16. Love Me tonight
  17. And We Became ‘Us’
  18. Soulmates
  19. Please, Betray Me!
  20. Do You Love Me, Still?
  21. The First Touch
  22. Love At First Sight
  23. My Heart Awaits You
  24. To The Love Of My Life
  25. Daddy’s Little Princess
  26. High On Your Love
  27. Shall This Love Last?
  28. The Silent Tormentor
  29. Beyond Those Lofty Walls
  30. The Painful Memories
  31. To Love, Again!
  32. Have I Lost You?
  33. What A Heart Aspires!
  34. In Hope Of a Better Tomorrow

All the poems in this book are a perfect mixture of wonderfully woven words and emotions. The cover of the book has a strong magnetic effect as it attracted me towards itself the very moment I held it. The cover itself depicts that the book is filled with elements of romance and creative words. The rhythm and style of writing is flawlessly colorful. This book is one that cannot be left unread.



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