Once Upon A Genie by Durriya Kapasi is a romantic fantasy thriller with boundless sparks of humor. The book spills the stream of the astonishing and mesmerizing fantasy world of genies along with the sprinkles of passionate love between a human and an invisible genie. Through the book, the author attempts to showcase the thin wall that always exists between friendship and love. It is very casually said that “where there is friendship, love dwells forever.” What if one has to choose between the two?

Once Upon A Genie is the story of Daisy, an adorable lady, who gets the biggest surprise of her life when she discovers a magical bottle that was left by her grandmother after her death. She gets more surprised when she witnesses a genie coming out of the bottle. Genie grants Daisy three wishes for freeing him. While Daisy spends some blissful moments with the genie she falls for him. When Khalil (the genie) realizes that he’s going against the rules of his land, he maintains distance between him and Daisy. Love triumphs when Daisy refuses to ask for her third wish to have him forever in her life. Things seemed to go on well when Darren, Daisy’s best friend, struggles between life and death. Will Daisy save her best friend’s life by sacrificing her love or will she choose to stay with her love?

When I read the title of the book I could predict that there will be a genie who will grant all the wish of the main character of the story. But this book bore a very unique concept. It elaborated on the love between a visible and an invisible, between two people of entirely different worlds, which actually accelerated my eagerness to complete the book in a go. The first half of the book was full of humor. I was even lost in the fantasy world of genies in the middle of the story. The twist that takes place at the end was the most unexpected one. One will be compelled to sympathize with the main character of the story over her dilemma to choose between friendship and love. This book deserves to be read by every book lover and reader.


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