“For the world, she was born out of wed-lock, and without any identity of her own. She is naive in the ways of the world but she knows she is born and brought up right.”

The First Trillionaire by Sapna Jha is a thriller that describes the journey of an unsophisticated girl, Shailputri from a “nobody” to “the first trillionaire.” The author has endured many bitter moments in her past life. Yet her faith in the Hindu Goddess never faded away. Her ambitious nature and bold attitude made her pen down this book and hence introduce a masterpiece in the world of fiction. The book encourages one to follow their dreams even if they appear to be impossible. Wealth is something that every human being desires for. But there are only few who get the opportunity to become a well-known rich person.

“She carves her own path, head held-high and eyes full of dreams.”

The First Trillionaire is the story of Shailputri, who was an unsophisticated girl. Her only family was her mother Vanashree. The only motive of her life was to become a trillionaire. She initiates her dream journey by joining a government bank. She finds a ray of hope in her life when Olivia, her Facebook friend. enters her life and plays the role of a fairy godmother by supporting her morally and financially. Every chapter opens a new suspense. Later on it is revealed that Olivia was none other but Peter’s (Shail’s late father) mother and hence Shail’s grandmother. Shail gets threatened by Bachchu Singh, a criminal at every stage. Her life goes through the worst phase when she is kidnapped by a gang of international criminals. Will Olivia succeed in rescuing her granddaughter? Will Shail’s dream of becoming a trillionaire ever fulfil?

The title of the book is very catchy. The cover page is attractive and merges well with the theme and story. The blurb was good but it could have been better. The narration was undoubtedly perfect. The first part of the book was very interesting and full of suspense. The ending of the book disappointed me. While I read the second part of the book the ending of the book seemed to be very predictable. There were too many characters in the book that had made the plot complex and boring at a certain points. This book is an inspiration for all the readers as it holds the key to success.


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