Title: The Talking Stories

Subtitle: When Silence Knocks You To Scream

Author: Heena Joshi and Kartikeya Chouhan

Edition: First


Number of Pages: 93

“Life sometimes puts a jigsaw puzzle in front of you and hides one piece out of it. Your enemy move becomes a mockery on yourself when in last you find out that one block itself is missing to complete the picture.”


Stories, if told with a dab of emotions, tint of mystery, pinch of obscurity and touch of completeness, turn into sagas. The Talking Stories is an effort for the same and brings you stories, some of which will touch you, some will leave you dumbfounded and some will charm you into their mysterious veil.


‘The Talking Stories’ (as the title suggests) comprises of 11 short stories. The stories were of different genres but one thing was common in all the stories, i.e. all of them were open-ended and full of thrill and suspense. The following are the titles of the short stories:

  1. A Vision For Sight
  2. Because
  3. Black Canvas
  4. Checkmate
  5. Karma Never Knocks
  6. Posthumous
  7. Red
  8. The Deceptive Stars
  9. Whats Your Story?
  10. You And I- An Incomplete Story
  11. Being Tanisha

A Vision Of Sight revolved around two unknown characters, a guy and a girl, who were deeply in love with each other. The girl was the guy’s vision and life as the guy was blind. The guy’s day changed the day he got the donor for his eyes. He was not aware of the fact that there was a bad news waiting for him ahead. Because is the story of a guy Rajan who gets attracted towards his teacher Natasha and trusts her blindly. Is Natasha really trustworthy or is she a betrayer? Black Canvas is the story of a father and his child Vidisha. He was aware of her child’s addiction towards the H-Section. His curiosity makes him read the H-section one fine day until. Surprisingly he gets the biggest shock of his life after he finishes. Checkmate revolves around three characters- Reva, Rachit and Kiyan. The love story of Kiyan and Reva travels smoothly until Kiyan starts suspecting Rachit and Reva due to a peculiar dream. Karma Never Knocks features Risha, her elder brother and Sanchit Patil. Sanchit was a doctor who was appointed for Risha’s brother’s treatment. Unfortunately, people find his corpse lying near the riverside. Who is behind his death? Posthumous was a part of the story of Karan’s novel-Posthumous. Red revolves around Harsh who enters a hotel and starts suspecting the peculiar acts of the lobby boy of the hotel. The Deceptive Stars is the story of an unknown narrator, his son Rihaan and his wife who dies the day she delivers Rihaan from her womb. Whats Your Story revolves around Rohan and Shweta who pass their time, on their way home, by listening to a story narrated by Shweta, which turns out to be real. You and I- An Incomplete Story features the incomplete love story of Ritesh and Samaira. Ritesh falls in love with Samaira and does not leave her hand even after knowing the deepest secret of her life. Being Tanisha revolves around a student Tanisha and her mother Kamini. Tanisha was bored with her life and needed a break while her mother always urged her to focus on her academics. Her life takes a huge turnover the day she discovers that her mother is the patient of the last stage of blood cancer. The language was very simple and informal. There were a lot of grammatical errors. The first story increased my curiosity of reading the book further as it was written very flawlessly but as I proceeded I felt the level declining. There were a few stories whose endings were not proper. I think the stories have been rushed too much. The sixth story, i.e. Posthumous was hardly comprehensible until I reached the end in which the author have told that it is a part of a novel. Most of the stories were interesting but they failed to prove their worth as the narrative style was below average. The stories have been compiled in a great hurry and it is clearly visible. If only the narrative style would have been worked on the book would have been excellent. The cover of the book was not much attractive. The title was worthy and apt. Overall it was an average read. I would recommend this book to all those who want to enjoy thrilling collection of stories.

My Ratings:

Title: 4/5

Cover: 2.5/5

Blurb: 3/5

Plot: 3/5

Writing and Presentation: 1.5/5

Overall Rating: 2.9/5



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