Title: In Search Of Happiness

Author: Sushil Kumar Rana and Shivangi Rawat

ASIN: B073X2YV78

Number of Pages: 44

“How God has written everybody’s life, two different people away from miles haven’t seen each other only talked over call but when they talk they are the happiest ones.”


Today, when social media is full of scandal, heartbreak, revenge and full of unsocial activities. But there is something a beautiful relation is going to spring up in between Arohi and Aakash. Most of all you are thinking it as a love or something alike that. But it’s not a love tale, their relationship has no name. Their relationship is more than a friend, relatives. Their bonding is pure and perpetual. Did this type of relation exist in this savage world. If yes then how and when, to know more about it go through the story. Some relation has no names, but that doesn’t mean that relation didn’t exist. Love never is wrong its the person who always. Love has its own positivity and can alter a person completely. After breaking up with his girlfriend Sunil completely drowned in sorrow and grabbed by depression. There is no hope of returning to his normal state, at once he is a famous write with full of positivity and a motivator to all. So what miracle happens in his life that change him a different soul. Everybody thinks that happiness is lies with money, what if it is totally wrong. We spent thousands of rupees in pub, bar multiplex and shopping mall but did we ever draw the inner happiness? Inner happiness is long lasting and not like with today’s temporary happiness. So where it lies, or this is just a myth in the form of a book. Friends it really exists and you can’t buy it with money and power. You gain it by serving some good deeds. What change a selfish person into a selfless. To know more we have to go through Madhav life story.


In Search Of Happiness by Sushil Kumar Rana and Shivangi Rawat is a collection of 5 short stories-

  1. Divine
  2. Transformation Of A Lover Into Writer
  3. In Search Of Happiness
  4. Nitya The Warrior
  5. The Last Hope

The language of the book was lucid and informal. While reading the book one could actually connect with the characters of each and every story. The book was full of quotes and daily lessons that one can grasp while reading the book. Out of all the stories, my favorite one was Divine as it taught me how happiness enters your dull life in the form of a human being. The stories were not extraordinary but as a debut book, the authors have done a great job. The title of the book reflects positiveness and joy that gives the reader a reason to buy the book. Also, the cover of the book is very simple and attractive showing a little girl crossing a bridge reflecting how she is seeking for happiness. The blurb was too lengthy and could have been better if it would have been a little short in length. The stories ended with a piece of poetry that highlights the theme of the book. The presentation was above average. I liked the way the stories ended and started with a note of suspense. The major aim of the book is to spread optimism and the book has served its purpose well. Overall, it was a light and soothing read. I recommend this book to all those who want to take a break from the dullness of their lives and explore a different world of happiness.



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